Want to rent a home for the new year, members of the public to pay close attention to

"From our company's situation, car rental Spring Festival comes early this year. In previous years, generally car rental, booking a car in 10-15 days before the Spring Festival peak, there as early as January 10, Spring Festival of the year at 1 month, we here more than 20 vehicles have all been rented out. "The afternoon of January 18, Chen Shuqian rose car rental company owners said business Spring Festival early this year, sources in the company now nervous, she is trying to transfer from outside the car. Sanjiang
car rental company Zhu Zengming told reporters that they have 30 cars for rentals during the Spring Festival this year, is currently booking volume has more than 1/3. "I'm doing this for more than 10 years, 10 days before the Spring Festival every year a car most of the time, estimated that by the end of this month will usher in a wave of car rental climax. Late on February 2, will be booking the car on the market. "The rent up 100
day/> during holidays, car rental prices are rising, this year's Spring Festival is no exception, order it now, prices have been higher than usual.
reporter learned from several car rental companies, during the Spring Festival, most of the models of the day around 100 Yuan higher than usual. Such as a Toyota Corolla sedan, the usual rental price is 200 Yuan/day, up to 300 yuan/day during the Spring Festival and a Honda Accord, normal rent is 300~350/day, asking price 400~450 Yuan/day during the Spring Festival.
it is understood that during the Chinese new year car rental, the lease is also a requirement. "Basic minimum is 10 days, time is short, I would rather not rent, because all of Chinese New Year holidays, we need to rest, can't be here every day waiting for customers to vehicles. "Zhu Zengming said that for many years," Chinese new year car rental for 10 days starting "has become a harmonized approach for many car rental companies.
low fuel consumption car most by welcomes
Asia peak car rental company head Zheng Rongzhen introduced, although this years SUV models increasingly more, but in car rental market, budget car still is leads: "currently market Shang compared good rent of is price in 100,000 ~20 million yuan of car, which economic province oil of Han Department car, and day Department car most by welcomes, fuel consumption relative high of beauty Department car, rent of people than less. "
Chen Shuqian said that car rental customers demand fuel-efficient cars, affordable, like Yuet modern dynamic, Dongfeng yueda KIA Freddy and other small family cars are popular with them," a lot of people rent a car when I was visiting relatives, just as a temporary means of transport, no need to select those models that high rents, fuel consumption. "

car/> rent a car note, customers are required to lease company ID card, driver's license, if it is a stranger, Jinhua, need to find a local guarantee
when signing a rental contract, customers should read the above provisions, so as to avoid unnecessary disputes in the car. Contract in the often some limit conditions, as some company of contract Shang on clear provides: car rental period to 24 hours for day, daily driving mileage qualified for 200 km, timeout to by 20~50 Yuan/hours meter received timeout fee, Super mileage is by 0.5 Yuan/km meter received corresponding costs;
paid car rental deposit, specific amount according to the home rental company of different models and set, General is each car car bet 1000~2000 Yuan;
take car Shi, customer should carefully inspection car, Check the car, looks there is no damage, it is best to test drive it, because once the vehicle leave the leasing company to leave the condition shall prevail.