Returning home for Spring Festival, car rental is a good choice!

Tomorrow, the Snake's Spring Festival travel season will be kicked off. New year get home, how to travel more convenient? Both plan to visit during the Spring Festival, is also traveling, like car rental self drive more and more people these days. According to my investigation, affected by the Lunar New Year holiday and high-speed toll-free double "feel good", Xiaoshan rental market than usual Spring Festival to heat up a lot this year, advance into the hottest State.
rental home
don't have to grab tickets
North Road, a car rental company, migrant Shaw was consulting the hire.
"ticket not only difficult to buy, and more people, squeeze hard! it is better and with a couple of fellow car rental home. "Mr Shaw home in Taizhou, although car rental costs are significantly higher than a car lot, but several villagers, after discussions, they still prefer to rent a home. "Highway and is free of charge, driving home luggage easier, and more face!"
"in recent days, consult car rental among many of Shaw's Shaw working migrants. "The rental company's staff told me that train tickets were hard to buy air tickets are too expensive, so a lot of people think, rather than rent a home. Not only will this scenery, and during the Spring Festival, and drove to visit. Plus Highway during the Spring Festival is free for cars, accelerated the car rental market heating up this year.
as of now, the leasing company 60% cars are reserved. Apart from wedding car hire during the Spring Festival, most of them are rental home.
I visited the Xiaoshan car rental market, compared with previous years, this year more people have one month rent in advance. "As before, car rental peak generally occurs in the week before the Spring Festival, earlier this year. "Another leasing company executives said their company's many models, was the most popular economy car. Similarly, many budget models have other companies which have been reserved.
rent increase
low-priced models in popular
reservation in driving the car doubled the amount of consultation at the same time, rental prices are also on the rise during the Spring Festival.
"20%-30% price will be higher than usual. "The boss told me that according to the different models, old and new, such as different levels of rent starting price rose by about 50-100 Yuan.
, he said, usually rent a family car needs more than 200 Yuan a day, national day last year and we are the price. But this year the car nervous, season sure to rise, everyone up, we will follow up. Lower end of the normal rent of 200 Yuan a day during the Spring Festival has risen to more than 300 yuan; midrange between 100,000 to 200,000 yuan, from two hundred or three hundred Yuan a day up to three hundred or four hundred Yuan a day, high-end models by more than three hundred or four hundred up to 500 Yuan.
"short term car has now reached 70%, compared with last year have greatly improved, and spring term rental has reached five or six. "In the other car, I also got the same information, rental demand increases during the Spring Festival, so rents are rising. Among them, the lowest starting price for a rental company, 350 Yuan a day during the Spring Festival. "It's hot, we tried to rent a car. "The boss said, lower-priced cars in all the trips, the occupancy rate is relatively high. Monthly, cheaper, 8000 Yuan per month. If a driver that is more expensive. Go to Jinhua, oil charge, is 2000 Yuan a day.
car rental/> car rental also has learning there are many considerations, car rental before you understand the condition, bring all the relevant documents, and listening carefully to staff to explain. Car, customers must submit relevant documents and a deposit, generally required to submit original of original identity card, driver's license, pay 5000-10000 Yuan of deposit.
as early as possible
"If you want to rent during the Spring Festival, guests book ahead. "A car's manager told me that sources are limited, approaching Spring Festival, increasingly smaller models to choose from. Meanwhile, also reminded the car rental group, at the time of rental, must pay attention to safeguarding their own legitimate rights and interests, it is best to enter into detailed lease contracts and see each of the terms of the contract.
about car
the new year in advance, to give the car a General "physical examination." First appearance of physical inspection of the vehicle, such as a body has no scratches, headlights are complete, locks are normal. Then open the hood, check coolant, oil, battery status. Try driving to hear the engine sound is normal, check whether the brakes steering wheel deflection, and the gas gauge, brakes, air conditioner operating conditions. For some of the special features and usage models, should be clear to the leasing company.