Chinese new year car rental up not only rent, tenancy deposit followed up

Lee said the public, when visiting relatives, to go more, take a taxi, Charter does not deal, also a car affordable. The last two years, he is the rental home for the new year. "According to the economic situation, year-end bonuses on more than just rent levels. "He said, going to the car rental company set cars this weekend.
Mr Ma said that he recently asked several car rental companies, cheap car more than more than 100 Yuan a day, has now risen to more than 200.
"on this week's time, company car is almost booked out. "Building the road a car rental company staff, to the end of the year, rising prices and rents also rose about a 20%, deposits are up 1 time. "Improve the deposit is in order to prevent the customer occur during the rental period violations are not processed in a timely manner. "The staff, the implementation of new rules, violation of significant cost increases, the company will be in violation of the deposit increases 1 time, even if they return them, companies also have to leave a deposit, as a violation of the deposit, found no violations in order to refund within the next month.
number of car rental companies said new rules strictly, greatly increased cost than ever before, so the company had to raise traffic violations the deposit, the deposit will be adjusted according to the length of lease is expected after the possibility of adjusting downwards is not very big.
in addition, the reporter learned that, small-displacement cars most popular, some companies have all been leased out in earlier this month.
District Manager of a rental company, recently half a month, rent increases 1 time than usual number of people after 15th rental's hottest, most for a long time can rent a day nearly 20 vehicles, plus the Festival free of charge high speed toll, more push hot years ago car rental market.