11 car crazy Buick even hit 3 injured

A little after 9 o'clock last evening, Pu Dong San forest area Buick with respective prescription impact more than 10 vehicles, and injured 3 people. According to Ling ling Siu lilac Court, rock lane 1180 surveillance footage taken by at the gate, this black Buick cars entering the area behind the door when doing the reverse and forward movement, will stop at the car behind him out more than 10 times.
then this Buick car auto sliding doors knocked, and hit a more than 10 vehicles parked in the moving door Scooter, non-motorized vehicles. Security and spectators find their driving actions extremely dangerous, and making alarm calls. After police arrived at the scene, a police-police motorcycle was also back when it opened. After the men driving cars down the community, after a few minutes and back to the scene and crashed into a car and then sped away.
after leaving the community, this crazy Buick community also rushed to distance of hundreds of metres away three textile shopping center, Lin Tang, Limbaugh, a rush to the door, and do a reverse action and multiple-car parked at the gate, moped hit, leaving many people injured. Finally, the cars into the textile market more than 30 metres, eventually hit a parked in front of the store. Police, police, security guards rushed forward, drivers caught, but at this time, the driver shows incoherent delirious state.
according to incomplete statistics, the incident damaged 11 cars in total, including a Lexus and Porsche, 1 police motorcycle, 6 scooter and bike number and 3 people with different injuries, but not life-threatening.
at present, the police casualties was being Buick driver is arrested for drunk driving, drug-driving investigations and samples of blood and urine samples for testing.