Bus driver arrested for drunk driving Expressway toll station was stopped

"Finished going back to Chengdu, in Fushun, our family bought a bus ticket to five stone passenger station early in the morning. "Yesterday, Mr WONG, with his wife and 3 year old daughter joy on the way home, he unexpectedly, driving buses was a" drink drivers ".
yesterday morning, suspected of drunk-driving bus driver Yang Expressway traffic Police Brigade stopped by traffic police, traffic police's surprise, was carrying 18 passengers on the bus.
passenger fainted: bus driver was found involved, "drunk driving"
yesterday at about 11 o'clock in the morning, a number plate for C11508 quasi-yellow bus carrying 35 people, a slow-moving to the expressway toll station outside of Chengdu, Chengdu-Chongqing Expressway traffic Police Brigade routinely check traffic police to the car. "During a conversation with the driver, revealed that alcohol on the pilots, asking him to take an alcohol test. "
traffic police Chen Liang's instruments measured the results, two are: 87mg/100ml, and 85mg/100ml. Subsequently, the pilot Yang was taken to a nearby hospital for blood tests.
"if he had not been referred to the police to get, I don't know the regular station in the bus master can drunk driving. "This huaxi City newspaper reporter arrived at the Chengdu-Chongqing Expressway, Chengdu at toll booths, over more than 10 carrying luggage, stand on the side of the old-timers said the passengers, a passenger said, because back to Fushun, own five stone after buying a ticket to the bus station in the morning, will be on the yellow bus.
who knows the master was "drunk driving" and that he was surprised. And his passenger Mr WONG also worry that "Fortunately police found out, in case the way things and a little scared. "
soon, a passenger car brands as AE3*** came to the scene to transfer passengers, driver Mongolian master, himself received a call from young master came. Master
Halo: claiming to be "overnight wine" will be fine
10 minutes later, 51-year old Yang finished the blood from the hospital, returned to the charging station. He sees Baker doesn't drive, he told his two guests to get out in the middle. Throughout the process, dressed in a black coat, carrying a black bag, Yang, has been on the phone, and had been shunned after he met the media.
1987 year Shen Yang, get a driver's license, 1991 began to run passenger services, long commute between Fushun in Chengdu.
yesterday morning, he, as usual, five blocks from Chengdu bus station at 10:40, went to Fushun. "Always felt very clear, also counted the votes before departure and the number of cars and 18 people are not fully loaded, with two passengers to get off in the middle. Remember them clearly. "26 years of driving experience, he explains," was on last night's drink, think okay. "
police: drunk driving may be banned from driving for life operating
traffic police Chen Liang told reporters that over 80mg/100ml belonged to drunken driving, 80mg/100ml the following belongs to drink driving. Yang after the blood test report you want, and for his punishment.
in accordance with the Ministry of public security order 123th, drunk driving under the influence of operating a motor vehicle, shall be punished by a 15th detention and a fine of 5000 Yuan, motor vehicle driver's license revoked, shall not re-apply for a motor vehicle driving license within 5 years. While operating a motor vehicle for drunken driving, the public security organs traffic management constraints to sober up, cancellation of driving license, criminal responsibility shall be investigated according to law; 10 years to regain the motor vehicle driver's license again after the motor vehicle driving license, shall drive operating motor vehicles.
reporter's notes
drinking and driving is not only a topic that attracts attention, but an offence under the criminal code, an offence.
as the drivers of commercial vehicles, whether from experience, or laws and regulations should be stronger than the other drivers. But if the incident has not been referred to the police found, possible consequences still make us cringe. Don't always wait until after the accident, began to regret that drink and drive, there is no regret medicine to sell, especially when you are holding is not only when you are a person's life.