Pence who specialized in extortion drunk drivers

Ji Mouchang, Chaoyang District, near the camp, they sit there and saw someone drinking and driving and deliberately creating traffic accident and victim extortion for drunk driving. The reporter learned yesterday, Ji Mou was Chaoyang Attorney arrested for suspected of extortion.
on December 30 last year, often having dinner at a restaurant near the camp, Mr Wang, after drinking and driving home. The road, his car was hit by a black Toyota car. Wang got off, the other car men, drinking directly pointed out that Mr Wang, Mr King to pay to settle, or to call the police. Mr King guilty of knowing the serious consequences of drinking and driving, agreed to settle. Bargaining, Mr Wang gave them 15000 RMB.
on January 11 this year, Wang saw another accident at the Changying halal crossing, one day people asking him for money, the accident and Mr King suffered the same. Wang police suspect Ji Mou was taken in for questioning.
it is understood that the police have been dealing with many in camp area use opportunistic pence blackmail others drunk driving cases, suspects to see someone intentionally manufactured with drunken driving accidents and implemented with other drunk driving by extortion. Some suspects repeatedly commit crimes, even as a business.
at present, Ji Mou was Chaoyang Attorney arrested for suspected of extortion.

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